Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year to all of you!  2013 was a really good year and I am working to make 2014 even better!  The new year will bring with it some changes for my art business. Good changes.  This year is pivotal in that I will be transitioning from the faux world and full time into the fine art world. There. I said it. I love art in all forms but in my heart of hearts, creating art on canvas is my true passion.  Last year I tried to make the jump only to realize I was not prepared.  This will not be an overnight thing, but I will be working daily to make the transition!

Meanwhile, back at the easel….I created this painting as a study for a commission later this month.  The commissioned piece will be something really different for me and I will be stepping way out of my comfort zone!  Normally my approach to stepping out of my comfort zone is to research subject matter, take notes, worry, contemplate, procrastinate, look for my notes (I always put them in that "safe place"), procrastinate and contemplate again, and finally dive in and just paint it!  This time I am painting my way through the planning stage, making notes on my iPad, and it seems to help me focus.  I wanted to share the first painting, or color notes, with you.  I am wanting to use more intense color in the upcoming commission. This painting, "Head'n Home", has much brighter and intense color than most of my paintings, but I am really happy with that.  I want to thank Katrina at Rough Creek Images for allowing me to us her photograph for subject matter in this painting.

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