Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Tradition

The desire to create this painting, Family Tradition, has been on my list for quite some time.  The subject of this painting, Wayne Hodges, was one of my dad's best friends.  The Hodges family is quite large and very close.  They love getting together with a host of friends and family members for a "jam" session.  They are some of the most musically talented folks you would ever meet and they sometimes play and sing until wee hours!  I feel so blessed to call them my friends.

We lost my dad in 1980 and lost Wayne in 1998.  Wayne always wanted me to paint him a painting.  I regretfully never did.  This painting is my way to let his family know I never forgot about that and for his family and friends to have something special to commemorate his life and the good times that were shared.  I enjoyed every minute of creating this painting and thanks to Phyllis for providing the photo.

Thank you to the Hodges family for the many years of friendship and fellowship, past, present and future! I hope you all enjoy my painting, "Family Tradition", 16 x 20, Oil 

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